Sunday, April 11, 2010

Goodbye #1

After hearing from my family and friends (mainly just Mrs. Opinionated- I will let you guess who that one is! LOVE YOU!), we decided to try to narrow down our belongings enough to fit into 2 cars. I have promised to drive extra-carefully, and have therefore been given the "go ahead" to drive my car without an extra person. Therefore, it looks like Ross, Eisley, and I will be taking the long drive, road-trip style. Our route is tentatively planned for:

Phase 1: Boone to Kansas City, Missouri (approx 15 hours)- stay in a pet-friendly hotel
Phase 2: Kansas City to Denver/Boulder/Ft. Collins, Co (approx 10 hours)-stay with friends in the area
Phase 3: Denver to Salt Lake City, UT (approx 8 hours)- stay with friends in the area
Phase 4: Salt Lake City to PORTLAND, OR (approx 12 hours)... home sweet home!

I had my first taste of goodbyes today, and I can honestly say it is not going to be easy. I started "leaning out" my belongings, picture frames, craft supplies, kitchen utensils, and other odds and ins, and in all the sorting, I realized how much I am going to miss the little things. I was going through my Halloween and Christmas decorations and I realized I am going to miss having Nana help me with decorations and wreaths. Going through my letters I found notes from Papa, and I am going to miss having lunch with him at The Carousel and "The Purple Onion." I found all of my old Braves cups which made me think how I am going to miss hanging out with Dad. I can't say I am going to miss Joseph, because I never get to see him anyway, but I will miss him too... in some way! I am going to miss random trips to Wilkes to see Mom and hear Larry's "voice" of Nellie. I am going to miss all of my family and friends in Wilkesboro, Boone, Asheville, and all over North Carolina.

While it is sad to be ending an old chapter of my life, full of college days, family birthday parties, and relaxing sunshine moments, it is time to start a new chapter and embark on the journey ahead. But before it begins, it's time to finish up a paper for marketing and try to squeeze in a few hours of sleep. Goodnight moon!

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