Saturday, April 24, 2010

One month and Counting

Yesterday was a very sad day, as I had to give my Alley Cat away. I have had her for almost 2 years, and it was so hard to see her go. I knew that the move would be very hard on her, not to mention the 4 day car ride, so I placed her with a distant relative for her new home. While I know it is what is best for her, and relieves a big stress from me, it was still extremely difficult to watch her ride away.

After saying goodbye to Alley Blue-Eyes Boo-Boo-Baggins Henderson-Vannoy (aka, the cat) Ross and I were able to enjoy a wonderful dinner with the Icenhours. With the grilling master skills of Mark, and Jennifers AMAZING corn on the cob recipe, we had a wonderful time with the best host/hostess Ross and I could have asked for. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I had a yard sale (big thanks to Mom and Larry, Jennifer and Ella, Nana, and Ross for helping it to be a big success). Not only did I get rid of all my excess home goods, I also earned a little money for a new piece of furniture! Mom asked me today how it felt now that I "purged" my house of all my goods, and to be honest... I feel 10 pounds lighter! This move has definitely taught me a lesson on materialism and how to limit myself to a few nice things rather than a U-Haul full of junk!

With that being said, my apartment is starting to get very empty. With Alley no longer greeting me at the door and absolutely NO furniture in my living room, it is starting to look a little depressing on Hardin Road. I have to be completely moved out on May 7th, so the crunch time is approaching.

One month from today Ross, Eisley, and I will be leaving Boone for Portland. As the semester comes to an end, and we are starting to pack, we grow increasingly excited every day for what our new adventure holds. Although our departure date is quickly approaching, we still have a long way to go before we can leave. Monday we have a take-home final exam due, as well as final assignments for all of our other classes. The official last day of classes is Tuesday, then the final exam period starts. I cannot believe that graduation is almost here...

The month of April has absolutely FLOWN by, and two weeks from today we will be walking across the stage in our new caps and hoods. The countdown for Portland begins today... May 24th (30 days and counting)!

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