Sunday, April 11, 2010

So, how do we get there?

Today is the deadline that we set for deciding how to get all of our stuff to Portland. As many of you know, I enjoy a good bit of organizing, so I made a budget on Excel and a pros and cons list on Powerpoint to ensure that no details were left unexplored. So now we are going to present the information to you, my all powerful readers, and ask for your opinion. Yes, Mom, again I want your opinion.

Option one: Driving 2 cars
Estimated cost: $4,370 (includes the cost of buying a lot of new stuff)
-We would each have our own car in Portland
-We could take our time getting there (road trip!)
-We would get to buy all new stuff!

-Mom doesn't like the idea of me driving alone, so paying for someone's plane ticket is an extra expense
-We would have to buy a lot right when we get there just to survive (beds, kitchen stuff, etc)
-We would miss out on taking a lot of our stuff (and buying all new stuff is not very environmentally sustainable)
-We would have to sell the motorcycle (Although Mrs. Bowden would love that!)
-We would both have to drive... all... the... way.

Option two: Get a Uhaul and tow 1 car
Estimated cost: $3,405 (we get student and AAA discounts!)
-We would get to take everything we own and still have money to buy some new stuff
-We would get to take the motorcycle to be our second vehicle
-We could avoid the stress of needing to buy a lot within the first couple of days

-We would have to sell one of our cars (while most people in Portland survive fine with only 1 car or none at all, it would be more difficult for us during job hunting, learning the city, etc. Plus neither one of our cars are worth a whole lot)
-It would be difficult to drive and would take longer to get there

Option three: Get a Uhaul, tow 1 car, and drive 1 car
Estimated cost: $4,000
-We would have 2 cars in Portland
-We could take the motorcycle (but do we need two cars AND a motorcycle?)
-We would get to take everything and still have money to buy some new stuff
-We would avoid the immediate buying stress

-Again, we would both be driving so the extra person comes in, so add a plane ticket
-It would be difficult to drive

Ponder the alternatives, think about it, and let us know your opinion. How DO we get there?

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