Sunday, May 30, 2010

Who lives in Portland? I DO!

So, yes, we ARE in fact in Portland, Oregon. I apologize for taking three days to update my blog, but we had a little computer drama (to be exact my brand new computer was left on the top of Ross' car and went sky-rocketing off at a turn and got run over by a car... pretty much excellent) and then today we got Internet installed in the new apartment. To be precise, I didn't have Internet service, but now I do. So email, away.

So far, I am loving Portland and the new place. We now have several pieces of furniture, essential organizing devices (which Ross has realized is critical to my happiness), kitchen gadgets, and tons and tons of hangers. I would guess we have made 10 trips to Target and Marshalls in the last few days... and I never thought I would say it... but I am getting sick of Target.

I start my "big girl job" on Tuesday and am very excited about it. My first day will take me to a "Green Product Show" to network with other vendors and learn the ins and outs of the industry. More to come about that!

I know this was brief, but dinner is calling my name. If there is more things you want to know about, shoot me an email, text, or call!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Today we traveled from Denver, Colorado to Layton, Utah. Today was our shortest trip (only 490 miles) compared to the 742.4 miles traveled Monday and the 703.6 miles we went through yesterday. Tomorrow will be another long day, but it will have the happiest ending... PORTLAND!

In my immense boredom today, I compiled a short list of "superlatives" for the three days of travel thus far. Enjoy:

Most scenic/least boring state (because let's face it, all of them are a little boring): Wyoming
Most entertaining road to drive (due to the views, speed limit, etc): Interstate 84 West through Utah
Most unique city name: Knob Noster, Missouri
Most encouraging roadside site: Wind farms throughout Kansas, Colorado, and Wyoming
Katie's favorite part of the trip thus far: When the drive is over every night
Ross' favorite part of the trip thus far:
Eisley's favorite part of the trip thus far: Sharing an ice cream cone with Mom today

Time to rest up and recover from three days of driving. Check out the new pictures below!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Tuesday on the Road

Today was another long day on the road to Portland. We traveled through the second half of Missouri, the ENTIRE length of Kansas (very boring I might add), and a good majority of Colorado. We are staying in Denver tonight at a friend of Ross' in downtown. We enjoyed a nice dinner on the outside porch and are hoping to call it an early night here shortly. More details to come tomorrow night.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Manic Monday

After Courtney and Matt's perfect wedding this weekend and several teary-eyed goodbyes, we started the big adventure. We left this morning at 8:15 and arrived at our first stop (Columbia, Missouri) around 9:30 tonight. Below is a very brief timelime of the day:

8:15am Departure from Boone, NC
8:45am I realized I had to use the bathroom
9:15am I was about to fall asleep
9:45am Our first stop (Ross had to check the directions!)
12:30pm Transition from Eastern to Central time zones
1:00pm I started using a waterbottle as a back massager
1:30pm I realized that talking to a vaccum cleaner was not very entertaining
2:00pm I finally got settled in to driving
4:00pm Ross realized the time zone switch (note that the switch was several hours prior)
4:15pm Terrential downpour
4:16pm Rain stopped
4:30pm I started doing "the robot" to any song that came on the radio
6:00pm I started going insane
9:00pm 30 miles to Columbia!!!
9:30pm End of travel for the day

As you can tell, the day was uneventful, boring, long, boring, and extremely boring. Several cool cities we saw include Knoxville, TN; Nashville, TN; and St. Louis, MO (my first time there)!There is even a city called Mexico (it's in MO incase you are interested!)

Special thanks to my musical selection for the day for keeping me from talking to myself, including, Jack's Mannequin, Matt Nathanson, Matt Kearney, and classic rock and 90's favorites. Also a shout out to the gold mini van in Tennesee for riding for 10 miles down the highway with their right turn signal on (in the far right lane) and the red mini van in Kentucky for doing the same thing.

After four stops for gas, countless hours in the car, and hundreds of miles of travel, we are safe and sound... the 11.5 hour drive tomorrow is already looming ahead.

(As a side note, I kept the mileage tabulated in my car for the day, and I planned to post the exact miles traveled each day, but I left the piece of paper in my car and I am too exhausted... or lazy... to go get it now. Get excited to see it tomorrow night!)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday before departure

The time is getting very near for the cross-country adventure. I spent the week at home, getting my booty in shape with Mom, spending time with family, and packing up the remainder of my stuff. Yesterday I arrived in Raleigh for the start of Courtney and Matt's wedding festivities. Today is the big day for the Bowdens and the wedding starts at "5:00 of 5:30" says Ross.... good thing the groomsman knows what time the wedding starts! Ha!
Tomorrow is the "official" start to our road trip, as we will start driving west tomorrow. The plan is to leave Raleigh sometime late morning or early afternoon, arrive in Wilkes for a couple of final "farwells" to my family, then head to Boone for the night to finish packing Ross' room. Our plan is to leave Monday morning at around 7am and make the LONG drive to Kansas City. I am hoping to find an internet cafe along all of our stops during the week so that I can keep you updated on the sights, sounds, and feelings of the trip.
That's all for now... stay tuned!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

May 15, 1987

Happy Birthday to Me!

A big thank you to my Mama for having me 23 years ago from today. At this time in 1987, I was about 8 hours old.


Friday, May 14, 2010

Back to NC

After a red-eye flight from Portland to Atlanta, then Atlanta to Raleigh early this morning, we are back in NC, exhausted but excited. We have officially moved into our apartment and I am SO excited about it... a picture of the kitchen and our new dishes is below but more will come soon! We are experiencing culture shock, going from cool, green climates to hot, humid Raleigh and are disappointed at the fact that being back in NC we have to pay sales tax. Dang.

We have already bought our first couple of pieces of furniture and the apartment is starting to feel like a home rather than an empty space. Ross' first purchase was a antique, red train chest, which he lovingly calls his "pirate chest." We are not 100% sure what it is going to be used for, whether a TV stand, coffee table, or just extra storage, but either way, Ross loves to hide in it if nothing else! A picture of it is below... if you have any suggestions as to what we can use it for, email them to me! My move-in present to myself was a antique writers desk which folds up into itself to make a side table. It is AMAZING! I plan to use it to update my blog, do some work from home, and work on my novel. We also bought our first boxspring and mattress, which is a little less exciting than the other stuff. A big thank-you to Dad for making the trip possible for us!

After all of the excitement of this past week, Ross could not contain himself and had to give me my birthday present one day early. I got a Eee PC!!! For those of you who are not technologically savvy (like myself), it is a mini laptop than can be taken ANYWHERE, and is also environmentally-friendly, and altogether amazing! It will make a perfect addition to my new desk! It feels great to be on it right now, and I cannot wait to show it off to all of you!

This upcoming weekend will bring even more excitement and fun. Tonight we are going to go out to dinner for my birthday, then go to an after-rehearsal party for Doug and Katharine, then there wedding is tomorrow night at the Angus Barn Pavilion. Tomorrow I am going to spend my morning relaxing at Barnes and Noble and buying myself a new book to celebrate!

Sunday I will be back to Wilkes, so for all of you Wilkes County folk, be prepared for a week with ME! Submit your application for a breakfast/lunch/dinner during the week, but be aware that time slots are filling up fast! HA!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

12 days until departure

So let me quickly catch you up on the past week before I tell you about my most recent adventure…

Last week I packed up my entire apartment and dropped off my belongings at Ross’ apartment in Blowing Rock and my mom’s house in Wilkes.

Saturday’s graduation ceremony was a little bitter sweet; I had the realization that I may never see my friends again: the people who I studied with, laughed with, and stressed with over the past three semesters. With all of us heading to the far corners of the country, state, etc. for full-time jobs, it will be difficult to meet for a beer at Boone Saloon on Tuesday night.

After graduation we literally FLEW down the mountain to Miranda's wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony and it was wonderful to see some old high school friends.

Sunday we celebrated Mom, and she got new green adirondack chairs for her newly stained deck! I also took out my industrial bar from my ear... which I loved, but she hated.... YOUR WELCOME MOM!!!

Monday we left for our week-long trip to Portland to start moving into our apartment and meet up with some employers. If the plane ride is any comparison to how boring the drive to Portland is going to be, I am in BIG TROUBLE!! The 6 hour plane ride felt like 2 days... however that could be just a lot of excitement, crammed into a tiny seat, wedged between a sleeping Dad and a boyfriend with a tiny bladder.

After HOURS of waiting for a call-back from our apartment, we finally got in.... and immediately wanted to run back out. Where as the ad promised pergo floors, we found 50 year old, disgusting, pink and green carpet. In stead of new, clean bathrooms, we found shaky plumbing and dirty tile. The hideous details can go on and on, but needless to say, we were HIGHLY disappointed. We got the property manager's word that we could get our full deposit back, and left on our way.

The rest of Monday night was spent exploring the town, eating a massive amount of food at Sweet Tomatoes (if you have never tried it, look it up. It is a chain and is AMAZING!), and staying in a hotel.

Tuesday was a much more encouraging day and started with a visit to my new place of employment. The staff of A1 Fresh Impressions was kind yet professional, completely full of energy and caffeine, but genuinely interested in my well-being and happiness. My new boss promised that if I could not get my full deposit back from the previous apartment, she would help me track them down and get it back. She also gave me a list of apartment complexes to explore and a map of the area.

We then headed to Timber Ridge, an amazing new apartment complex in the NW area of Portland. I instantly fell in love with the views, the new carpet, the granite counter tops, and energy efficient appliances! Check out their website at After visiting a couple of other complexes, we realized that nothing compared to Timber Ridge, and put in our application with hopes to be in by this afternoon.

After leaving the apartment, we made the 30 minute drive east to the Columbia River Gorge; the Gorge offers amazing views, breathtaking waterfalls, and miles of hiking trails. Pictures are at the bottom and yes, I promise that when you come to visit I will take you there.

For dinner we ate in Troutdale, a small Blowing Rock type city about 15 miles east of Portland. For dinner we ate at McMenamins at Edgefield. McMenamins are two brothers who have purchased old school houses, theaters, churches, and plantations and turned them in to restaurants and brew houses. The one we visited last night featured the brew house and winery for the chain, as well as countless photo opportunities. This is definitely another must-see on your visit to Oregon!

So far, the trip has been a roller coaster of emotions, an array of delicious food, and lots of sites and photo opps. I am so excited to be here and see what our next couple of days here brings.