Wednesday, May 12, 2010

12 days until departure

So let me quickly catch you up on the past week before I tell you about my most recent adventure…

Last week I packed up my entire apartment and dropped off my belongings at Ross’ apartment in Blowing Rock and my mom’s house in Wilkes.

Saturday’s graduation ceremony was a little bitter sweet; I had the realization that I may never see my friends again: the people who I studied with, laughed with, and stressed with over the past three semesters. With all of us heading to the far corners of the country, state, etc. for full-time jobs, it will be difficult to meet for a beer at Boone Saloon on Tuesday night.

After graduation we literally FLEW down the mountain to Miranda's wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony and it was wonderful to see some old high school friends.

Sunday we celebrated Mom, and she got new green adirondack chairs for her newly stained deck! I also took out my industrial bar from my ear... which I loved, but she hated.... YOUR WELCOME MOM!!!

Monday we left for our week-long trip to Portland to start moving into our apartment and meet up with some employers. If the plane ride is any comparison to how boring the drive to Portland is going to be, I am in BIG TROUBLE!! The 6 hour plane ride felt like 2 days... however that could be just a lot of excitement, crammed into a tiny seat, wedged between a sleeping Dad and a boyfriend with a tiny bladder.

After HOURS of waiting for a call-back from our apartment, we finally got in.... and immediately wanted to run back out. Where as the ad promised pergo floors, we found 50 year old, disgusting, pink and green carpet. In stead of new, clean bathrooms, we found shaky plumbing and dirty tile. The hideous details can go on and on, but needless to say, we were HIGHLY disappointed. We got the property manager's word that we could get our full deposit back, and left on our way.

The rest of Monday night was spent exploring the town, eating a massive amount of food at Sweet Tomatoes (if you have never tried it, look it up. It is a chain and is AMAZING!), and staying in a hotel.

Tuesday was a much more encouraging day and started with a visit to my new place of employment. The staff of A1 Fresh Impressions was kind yet professional, completely full of energy and caffeine, but genuinely interested in my well-being and happiness. My new boss promised that if I could not get my full deposit back from the previous apartment, she would help me track them down and get it back. She also gave me a list of apartment complexes to explore and a map of the area.

We then headed to Timber Ridge, an amazing new apartment complex in the NW area of Portland. I instantly fell in love with the views, the new carpet, the granite counter tops, and energy efficient appliances! Check out their website at After visiting a couple of other complexes, we realized that nothing compared to Timber Ridge, and put in our application with hopes to be in by this afternoon.

After leaving the apartment, we made the 30 minute drive east to the Columbia River Gorge; the Gorge offers amazing views, breathtaking waterfalls, and miles of hiking trails. Pictures are at the bottom and yes, I promise that when you come to visit I will take you there.

For dinner we ate in Troutdale, a small Blowing Rock type city about 15 miles east of Portland. For dinner we ate at McMenamins at Edgefield. McMenamins are two brothers who have purchased old school houses, theaters, churches, and plantations and turned them in to restaurants and brew houses. The one we visited last night featured the brew house and winery for the chain, as well as countless photo opportunities. This is definitely another must-see on your visit to Oregon!

So far, the trip has been a roller coaster of emotions, an array of delicious food, and lots of sites and photo opps. I am so excited to be here and see what our next couple of days here brings.

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