Friday, May 14, 2010

Back to NC

After a red-eye flight from Portland to Atlanta, then Atlanta to Raleigh early this morning, we are back in NC, exhausted but excited. We have officially moved into our apartment and I am SO excited about it... a picture of the kitchen and our new dishes is below but more will come soon! We are experiencing culture shock, going from cool, green climates to hot, humid Raleigh and are disappointed at the fact that being back in NC we have to pay sales tax. Dang.

We have already bought our first couple of pieces of furniture and the apartment is starting to feel like a home rather than an empty space. Ross' first purchase was a antique, red train chest, which he lovingly calls his "pirate chest." We are not 100% sure what it is going to be used for, whether a TV stand, coffee table, or just extra storage, but either way, Ross loves to hide in it if nothing else! A picture of it is below... if you have any suggestions as to what we can use it for, email them to me! My move-in present to myself was a antique writers desk which folds up into itself to make a side table. It is AMAZING! I plan to use it to update my blog, do some work from home, and work on my novel. We also bought our first boxspring and mattress, which is a little less exciting than the other stuff. A big thank-you to Dad for making the trip possible for us!

After all of the excitement of this past week, Ross could not contain himself and had to give me my birthday present one day early. I got a Eee PC!!! For those of you who are not technologically savvy (like myself), it is a mini laptop than can be taken ANYWHERE, and is also environmentally-friendly, and altogether amazing! It will make a perfect addition to my new desk! It feels great to be on it right now, and I cannot wait to show it off to all of you!

This upcoming weekend will bring even more excitement and fun. Tonight we are going to go out to dinner for my birthday, then go to an after-rehearsal party for Doug and Katharine, then there wedding is tomorrow night at the Angus Barn Pavilion. Tomorrow I am going to spend my morning relaxing at Barnes and Noble and buying myself a new book to celebrate!

Sunday I will be back to Wilkes, so for all of you Wilkes County folk, be prepared for a week with ME! Submit your application for a breakfast/lunch/dinner during the week, but be aware that time slots are filling up fast! HA!

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