Monday, May 24, 2010

Manic Monday

After Courtney and Matt's perfect wedding this weekend and several teary-eyed goodbyes, we started the big adventure. We left this morning at 8:15 and arrived at our first stop (Columbia, Missouri) around 9:30 tonight. Below is a very brief timelime of the day:

8:15am Departure from Boone, NC
8:45am I realized I had to use the bathroom
9:15am I was about to fall asleep
9:45am Our first stop (Ross had to check the directions!)
12:30pm Transition from Eastern to Central time zones
1:00pm I started using a waterbottle as a back massager
1:30pm I realized that talking to a vaccum cleaner was not very entertaining
2:00pm I finally got settled in to driving
4:00pm Ross realized the time zone switch (note that the switch was several hours prior)
4:15pm Terrential downpour
4:16pm Rain stopped
4:30pm I started doing "the robot" to any song that came on the radio
6:00pm I started going insane
9:00pm 30 miles to Columbia!!!
9:30pm End of travel for the day

As you can tell, the day was uneventful, boring, long, boring, and extremely boring. Several cool cities we saw include Knoxville, TN; Nashville, TN; and St. Louis, MO (my first time there)!There is even a city called Mexico (it's in MO incase you are interested!)

Special thanks to my musical selection for the day for keeping me from talking to myself, including, Jack's Mannequin, Matt Nathanson, Matt Kearney, and classic rock and 90's favorites. Also a shout out to the gold mini van in Tennesee for riding for 10 miles down the highway with their right turn signal on (in the far right lane) and the red mini van in Kentucky for doing the same thing.

After four stops for gas, countless hours in the car, and hundreds of miles of travel, we are safe and sound... the 11.5 hour drive tomorrow is already looming ahead.

(As a side note, I kept the mileage tabulated in my car for the day, and I planned to post the exact miles traveled each day, but I left the piece of paper in my car and I am too exhausted... or lazy... to go get it now. Get excited to see it tomorrow night!)

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