Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday before departure

The time is getting very near for the cross-country adventure. I spent the week at home, getting my booty in shape with Mom, spending time with family, and packing up the remainder of my stuff. Yesterday I arrived in Raleigh for the start of Courtney and Matt's wedding festivities. Today is the big day for the Bowdens and the wedding starts at "5:00 of 5:30" says Ross.... good thing the groomsman knows what time the wedding starts! Ha!
Tomorrow is the "official" start to our road trip, as we will start driving west tomorrow. The plan is to leave Raleigh sometime late morning or early afternoon, arrive in Wilkes for a couple of final "farwells" to my family, then head to Boone for the night to finish packing Ross' room. Our plan is to leave Monday morning at around 7am and make the LONG drive to Kansas City. I am hoping to find an internet cafe along all of our stops during the week so that I can keep you updated on the sights, sounds, and feelings of the trip.
That's all for now... stay tuned!

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