Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Today we traveled from Denver, Colorado to Layton, Utah. Today was our shortest trip (only 490 miles) compared to the 742.4 miles traveled Monday and the 703.6 miles we went through yesterday. Tomorrow will be another long day, but it will have the happiest ending... PORTLAND!

In my immense boredom today, I compiled a short list of "superlatives" for the three days of travel thus far. Enjoy:

Most scenic/least boring state (because let's face it, all of them are a little boring): Wyoming
Most entertaining road to drive (due to the views, speed limit, etc): Interstate 84 West through Utah
Most unique city name: Knob Noster, Missouri
Most encouraging roadside site: Wind farms throughout Kansas, Colorado, and Wyoming
Katie's favorite part of the trip thus far: When the drive is over every night
Ross' favorite part of the trip thus far:
Eisley's favorite part of the trip thus far: Sharing an ice cream cone with Mom today

Time to rest up and recover from three days of driving. Check out the new pictures below!!!

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  1. Hi Katie, I have enjoyed sharing the ride with you. I have made a similar trip (NC to NM) on the back of a Harley and the scenery is breathtaking. Good luck on the start of your new job, I know you will be awesome. I will be retiring in 9 days so as my career ends, your begins. Love your blog and you. Hello to Ross.