Sunday, May 30, 2010

Who lives in Portland? I DO!

So, yes, we ARE in fact in Portland, Oregon. I apologize for taking three days to update my blog, but we had a little computer drama (to be exact my brand new computer was left on the top of Ross' car and went sky-rocketing off at a turn and got run over by a car... pretty much excellent) and then today we got Internet installed in the new apartment. To be precise, I didn't have Internet service, but now I do. So email, away.

So far, I am loving Portland and the new place. We now have several pieces of furniture, essential organizing devices (which Ross has realized is critical to my happiness), kitchen gadgets, and tons and tons of hangers. I would guess we have made 10 trips to Target and Marshalls in the last few days... and I never thought I would say it... but I am getting sick of Target.

I start my "big girl job" on Tuesday and am very excited about it. My first day will take me to a "Green Product Show" to network with other vendors and learn the ins and outs of the industry. More to come about that!

I know this was brief, but dinner is calling my name. If there is more things you want to know about, shoot me an email, text, or call!

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