Thursday, June 3, 2010

So, this is a big girl life....

Ross, Eisley, and I are getting all settled in to our new lives in Portland. I survived my first week of work, and I have to admit, getting used to "big girl life" has been tough, but I am enjoying the responsibilities of my new job. I am sure it will only get better as I learn the ins and outs of the business.

Earlier this week Ross, Eisley, and I took a short hike through Forest Park, the largest forest park within city limits. The park encompasses over 5,100 acres with about 70 miles of hiking trails. It was super dense, mostly second growth forest with a few patches of old growth. It is absolutely amazing, and a must see when you visit us!

The apartment is really coming together; we have acquired several key pieces of furniture and it actually looks like a home now! Eisley is getting settled too, and you would be glad to know that her imaginary friend, Kevin, made the journey with us. She has been tearing through the apartment with her toy, thrashing about widely. I think she genuinely loves Portland.

Speaking of which, I think it is official that Ross and I are Oregonians. Tonight after work, Ross and I rode our bikes to the store to get some stuff for dinner. Riding bikes on busy city roads can be crazy, but I really enjoyed the experience. Portland has hundreds if miles of bike lanes, and we were able to follow them all the way to the store and back in under 10 minutes each way!

Above is a picture of Forest Park and below are a couple of pictures of the new place (for those of you who have Facebook, check out some additional ones there as well)!

Miss you all!

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