Friday, July 9, 2010

A photo wall, crayons, a Snoo baby book, and a faux backpacking trip

Ross and I have decided to create a photo wall. In my room, above my desk, we are compiling a massive collage of various pictures from the last 10 months, in a collection of frames in contrasting colors and sizes. The plan is to fill up the entire wall with pictures, spaced at sporadic distances from each other, showing the landscapes of Brazil, Eisley and a big stick, and the Oregon coast. A picture of the beginning is below, but trust me, in person it looks very creative and inspiring!

To show our true maturity and independence in the world, because we are oh so grown up now, Ross and I got out the crayons and paper last night to pass the time and try to take our minds off of the heat. Portland is experiencing a heat wave, reaching around 95-100 degrees during the day, and like many apartments in the area, ours does not have air conditioning. With that being said, we are doing just about everything we can to distract ourselves from the uncomfortable hotness! So last night we colored... pictures of Eisley that is. And when we finished, I drew a picture of Ross and a bike. Then we hung them all on the refrigerator. Our fridge is getting pretty crowed with our Crayola masterpieces and cards from home. Keep sending the love- we get super excited about mail!

On one of our many trips to Goodwill to rummage through the used frames (for the aforementioned photo wall), we found a puppy baby book and decided to purchase it for baby Eisley Snoo Noo Boone Bowden. For those of you who are not aware, she has adopted the nickname of Snoo (but only to her most favorite people!). Snoo's baby book includes pictures of her in her first snow, her big road trip adventure, and adoption pictures with her Mom and Dad. When you visit, be sure to ask about it... though it is kind of hard to miss on the side table in the living room.

Like my new sleeping bag?!?! For the July 4th holiday, our family went on a backpacking trip across Eagle Creek Trail. Notorious for its camping, waterfalls, and trails, Eagle Creek is a popular site for outdoor enthusiasts. We all packed up our sleeping bags, food, and camping gear in our own packs (Eisley even had her own pack for her food!), and started up the trail. About three miles in, we found an excellent camping spot, but Mr. Wilderness was not sure that it was an "official" camping spot on the trail, so we kept walking. 2 miles later, we realized that most camping spots were not marked, therefore most were not "official" and decided to back track to the original spot. After 7 miles of back and forth (5 miles in and 2 miles back towards the car), we got to the perfect camping spot, nestled in a cedar and evergreen grove. My first mission was to set up my ENO hammock. Ross' first task was to make food. Eisley's first job was to run around and smell everything. After a couple of hours the sun was starting to set, EIsley had almost broken her leg on a rock and neither one of us felt like setting up a tent because every 5 minutes people walked by our spot, pointing at us, and discussing how perfect of a spot we had found. Needless to say, while we were flattered, this got really annoying really fast. So we packed up. And we hiked out. 10 miles later, sore feet and tired backs, we drove home for vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup.

See more pictures below for a glimpse of our backpacking adventure!

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