Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A finished project, Baby Henry, and our first visitors from the east

I woke up early every morning for a week to sand. I labored over all of the crooks and crannies of the large pine block until it was as smooth as glass. By the end of the week my garage was covered in wood dust and I was exhausted, but the first stage of the piece was complete. And I... was a hero. Oh wait, Ross did all of that not me! I just watched!

After Ross spent hours sanding down our new piece of kitchen furniture we set up lamps and newspaper all over the garage to start the staining process. We had original intentions of finishing the piece in a dark brown/black stain, but as the process aged we realized that the natural knots and grains provided a wonderful antique finish with only a couple of coats of stain. Our vision quickly changed, and we set out to make a Pottery Barn look-alike piece. The combination of Laura's electric sander and love for all things crafty, Ross' handy-man skills and Tim the Tool Man appeal, and my love for Pottery Barn and paintbrushes and aversion to sand paper (I am not sure how those help, but I am convinced I played some role in the completion of the piece), the finished project was a huge success.

Laura and I also completed our antique picture frames. What started out as old, chipping, white picture frames turned into an over the couch accent for our living room.

One of Ross' other projects was a cat tree (the wood and carpet structures for cats to lounge on in the sunshine). What started with scraps of carpet and free wood from Home Depot turned into a kitten's heaven.

But wait, why would we need a cat tree if we have a dog?

Oh yea, we got a kitten. Meet Sir Henry Gaylord Bowden, aka Baby PurrMonster (by me) or Little Man/Little Hens (Ross). He has his mother's fiesty attitude, his father's love for the toilet, and his big sister's selective hearing.

Henry and Eisley are getting along wonderfully (as much as a kitten and a pup can get along in a small apartment), and we have high hopes for the future filming of Milo and Otis 2 to be filmed in our household soon.

Our first visitors (Ross' parents) came to visit over the past two weekends. We enjoyed Portland's finest offerings (beer, wine, coffee, organic produce, and vast scenery) as well as showing off our new pad with all of our projects. One day we attended BiketoBeerFest, a local bicycle and beer festival in SE Portland (an area know for being a little bohemian and a lot awesome). We enjoyed good music, great beer, and company from our favorite people on each coast!

Next on the list of visitors: Jan and Larry!

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