Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The best and the worst

Mom and Larry made their big trip to Portland and from what Larry tells me, they are lucky to have made it! After a delayed flight leaving Charlotte, the two adventurers had to sprint through the Minneapolis airport to make their connector flight to Portland. All the while I am at work, stressing that they won't make it on schedule. Needless to say, my boss saw me super excited in the morning, stressed and freaking out at lunch, and jumping for joy at 3pm when I called it quits for the week and went to the plane to pick up my visitors.

Upon arrival, I soon learned that I wasn't the only one who had a stressful day. Apparently Mom was being obnoxious on the plane. Larry describes her incessant chatter in such a way: "First she poked me. The she told me what she was going to tell me. Then she repeated it. Then she asked if I heard what she had said. Then she turned to her other neighbor and interrupted his reading to talk to him." Mom made so called "best friends" with her aisle seat neighbor on the plane, asking endless questions and sharing her flying anxieties. Apparently she started their conversation by interrupting his novel with "So, are you going to Portland?" Keep in mind this was on a flight to Portland and there were no connections to a further point except Alaska... odds are, he was going to Portland. Larry says he could tell that the man was planning a way to hang himself from the oxygen mask tubing by the end of the flight.

I imagine the scenario looking something like this... Mom as the child and Larry the Mother.

After the drama of the flight we enjoyed a relaxing weekend full of sunshine, porch chats, local beer, and scattered meals. The usual day consisted of getting up at 6ish and going to bed around 9, but hey, that's not much of change from my every day life.

Mom's favorite part of the trip was Saturday market at the water front, aka the best people watching location in the city. She insisted that I take pictures of every pack of runners and every cute dog, but I was conveniently a little slow to get my camera out. I did consent to one picture of the sun-goddesses on the nasty steps of the Portland waterfront.

After trying all the local favorites, Widmer beer, NW 23rd happy hour, and pictures in the gorge, we said our good-byes for now. See you at Christmas Mom and Larry!

In other news, Eisley has relapsed with meningitis. This will be the fourth time she has had to go on prednisone (aka steroids) to treat her mysterious illness. We are hoping for a speedy recovery so she can go back to eating Henry.

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