Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Homecoming away from Home

I have felt a little nostalgic lately- I think the quickly approaching fall has made me a little homesick. Fall was always my favorite season in Boone and the changing leaves have left me reminiscing on past memories of cool days on the porch at Mellow Mushroom, trail runs through the fall slush, and calm drives through the bright leaves on the parkway with the windows down and heat on (add a good mixed cd and you have my ideal driving situation).

Homecoming at Appalachian is next weekend and I must say I am very sad I won't be in attendance this year (if for no other reason I will miss Mom and Larry swing dancing at the alumni dance). Homecoming at ASU has always been one of my favorite weekends of the school year, and Ambassadors was a big part of that. Hearing former Ambassadors tweet and facebook about catching up, hanging out, and loving ASU at the football events makes me remember why Ambassadors and ASU as a whole was so important to me. Two years ago (senior year in college) at this time, I was making frantic and somewhat crazy last minute preparations for the float, alumni dinner, and other Ambassador Homecoming festivities- I think I even earned Homecoming Nazi title (and this is NOT a compliment). And while it was stressful, crazy and very time-consuming, I miss Ambassador Homecoming, and I definitely miss Boone.

I received a piece of mail today that definitely sped up my walk down memory lane. My papa has been very adamant about my adding some new pictures to my photo wall, preferably ones of him. Now what he doesn't know is that I have a separate photo wall (one I look at every day) that is a giant cluster of pictures and on this wall he appears not only once, but twice (ranking up there with Eisley!). But today I received a new picture, and Papa, I can guarantee this one will make it on the wall!

But with the change in seasons, it is very exciting to see how Portland celebrates fall. We are enjoying our little porch and the cool breeze that passes our way. The leaves are starting to change here as well and Forest Park provides plenty of hiking opportunities when I am missing the parkway. There are lots of exciting festivals and events in the fall and we are taking the chance to attend as many of those as possible... especially CYCLOCROSS!!!! Cross Crusades is a massive schedule of cyclocross races in the Portland area and we are learning that mud, crazy competition, beer gardens, and even wasps are all part of the festivities. More details to come on this after Sunday (first race of Cross Crusades). Stay tuned!

(No that's not Ross, but it gives you an idea of what cyclocross is really like!)

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