Saturday, October 23, 2010

Falling into Fall in Portland

Cross Crusades has officially gotten underway and every Sunday is full of mud, bikes, and lots of fun! Take a look at the pics below for a glimpse of the season's highlights thus far!

Henry and Eisley are getting along BEAUTIFULLY! They are officially the best of friends and scheme up wild adventures together daily. They play fight ALL the time, running wildly through the house chasing each other... and no it's not just Eisley who does the chasing!

And yes... this continues for hours on end. And for those of you who are worried (cough cough, Mom), no that is NOT Henry hissing at Eisley... it is EIsley sneezing at Henry!!!

Several times a day Henry will jump up on the kitchen counter, knock something off to the ground for Eisley, then watch as Eisley eats it. (It is at this time that I would like to make the note that we both swore that Henry would NEVER be allowed on the kitchen counter... he has other plans and has decided that the kitchen counter is in fact his FAVORITE place.) So, with the help of Henry, Eisley has learned new things as treats, including flower seeds, plant leaves, and napkins.

Henry and EIsley have also learned a new game very similar to piggy back rides. Eisley chases Henry into the back bedroom then convinces him to lay in her doggy bed. Eisley then drags the bed around the apartment, with Henry in it, before eventually flipping it over in the living room where Henry lays there for several minutes like a dead opossum. But what Eisley didn't realize in all of her fun is that now Henry thinks that the doggy bed is in fact an oversized cat bed.

And in case you haven't heard... ROSS GOT A JOB!! He is now a Operations Analyst and really enjoys his job. His boss is a cyclist too, and all over it is a pretty cool work environment. And what's even better is that his job is in Milwaukie, only two miles from where I work, which means we get to commute together! But the downside is... our commute is still 45 minutes to an hour every day and not improving. At least now we get to spend that time together!

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