Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving has come and gone and we missed you all! We hate we couldn't be in North Carolina to celebrate and stuff our faces with you, but Christmas is quickly approaching and we will have lots of time together!

Fall in Portland is very hit or miss with the weather. It is much cooler here than I expected, but we are obviously used to that from living in Boone for five years. We saw our first little spot of snow about a week ago (only 1/2 an inch) but it was exciting to see none the less. Despite the fact that the majority of the trees out here are evergreens, we are seeing a good bit of color change and Eisley loves the leaves as usual!

We are coping with the rain pretty well- Ross still gets out and peddles through the mud, and I stay inside and cook yummy soups. If you have any vegetarian recipes that I need to try, send them my way! You will be super impressed with Ross and my baking... he has perfected the art of homemade biscuits (my Grandma J would be impressed) and I have worked out an AMAZING apple pie recipe (that's right... from scratch! Crust and all!). I think the "person" taking the rain the hardest is Eisley. She doesn't get to go to the dog park or play in the big field as much any more, because now they are covered in giant puddles and mud. We do manage to get out at least once a week (see below picture of soaked pup).

This is a picture of us in Hood River, a super cute little town on the Columbia River about an hour east of us. The area is famous for its outdoor sports, quaint small town feel, and famous brewery (Full Sail). The town reminded us of a really outdoorsy Blowing Rock.

Henry has continued to grow... and eat. He is a really funny little critter... in one picture he can look like a normal 6 month old kitten, but in the next he looks like a giant MAN CAT! Someone told him that ancient royalty used to regard obesity as a sign of wealth and power and he took it to heart. All hail King Henry Gaylord!

As most of you know, the second Thanksgiving is over, it is officially Christmas for me! We have been decorating for a couple of days now and are hoping to finish up the tree tonight (because obviously you have to decorate at night when you can turn the lights on!). Thanks to Nana and Papa I had a good head start on my decorations, as they sent us two big boxes of decorations a couple of weeks ago. We have garland, a wreath, and ornaments galore! The only things we are lacking now are stocking for the four of us and more presents under the tree!

Eisley and Henry are loving the decorations and are using them as an excuse to terrorize the house. Henry loves lights....

and garland....

and of course the wreath!

We are considering moving the tree into a place where he can't get to it but I doubt that will actually help.

So now the countdown begins.... 21 days until I will be in North Carolina. Get excited!

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