Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2 weeks and 5 days

We have officially been engaged for 2 weeks and 5 days! (but who's counting, right?). It has been a definite whirlwind with lots of excitement (and just a little bit of stress!).

I am finding that being engaged DEFINITELY suits Ross and me. I have noticed that we both say sweet things to each other on a daily basis (insert gag here), we now refer to each other almost solely as fiance or fiancee (did you know the female version has 2 e's?), and we both work harder to help make the other's life a little bit happier. For example... the other night during commercial break of one of our favorite shows, Ross cleaned the toilet!!!!

He is also doing other little sweet things, like buying Pull 'N' Peel twizzlers instead of regular because he knows I like the Pull ones better, and allowing me to pick out pink champagne for Valentine's Day. Isn't he the sweetest?!

So besides frantically searching through blogs and websites and pestering Ross to pick his groomsmen, we have had a pretty exciting past couple of weeks. Ross and Jackson spent this past Friday night brewing our first batch of homebrew beer. Ross's family got him a homebrew beer kit for Christmas and he has been dying to try it out. After several hours of making a huge mess in the kitchen (and making our apartment smell AWFUL), the mixture is now fermenting in a huge glass container in our hall closet. Now if you are like my mom you may think that beer is made instantly, but no, it must ferment in the jug for 4-5 weeks, before Ross bottles it and it sits there for 2 weeks. It looks like around the end of March we should be enjoying some tasty homemade beer. (Sorry Mom... you don't just "mix beer like KoolAid")

In other news, Ross and I are officially Oregonians!!!!!!!!!! After a couple of trips to the DMV, a emmissions test, and lots of cash later, we now have Oregon tags and registration and are officially citizens of the state. HOORAY! The next step is to find an awesome house to rent closer to downtown and we will be totally settled!

Other than that, we have been enjoying the engaged life and gearing up for Ross' birthday. Did you know he is going to be 26 on February 26th? (That's kind of old if you ask me!)

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