Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rain, Rain Go Away!

Portland weather is officially terrible. The radio said that it has rained 31 out of the past 33 days and I completely agree. Although it doesn't rain all day of every day, the wet stuff does make its appearance at some point of every day. Torrential downpours, slow but giant splashes, steady pitter patter, constant mist, we've got it all. The weather has turned my hair into a frizzly, frazzled, curly fluffy flop, and my skin is now a pasty white. I am hopeful that this is all reversible once the sun makes its appearance this summer. (oh if it EVER gets here!)

Due to the massive over watering, constant drizzle, and lack of sun, the grass out here has turned into a giant marshy mess mixed with little bits of clay and dog poopy. That's right... I said poopy. Our apartment complex provides doggie bags for dog owners, however we have noticed that people tend to think that rainy weather negates the need to use them. Eisley doesn't care... she thinks that the rain gives her yet another reason to lick the ground.

This past weekend Ross and I ran the Shamrock Run in downtown Portland, and guess what, it rained! It wasn't all bad though... we ran the 8k race (4.96 miles) despite the fact that I haven't ran more than 2 miles in months... and when I do make it to the gym my exercising is very inconsistent to say the least. HOWEVER... we survived! Of course Mr. Athlete did fine, and as we were approaching the finish line he said "Hey, I think I could have done the 15k." I responded with "I think I am going to barf." We may not have had the fastest time in the world, but I was proud that I finished, and we shaved one minute per mile off of my normal running pace! Ross pushed me on through the race with cheers of "Yay Pudd! Go Team Boos!" and I struggled to make it up the hill.

32,000 runners were down at the Portland Waterfront Sunday morning ready to run in the rain and enjoy the after party. Free beer from Widmer Brewery and smoked salmon chowder from a local restaurant was an excellent post-run treat, but trust me.... after running 5 miles, in the cold cold rain... creamy, seafood mush and a beer is the LAST thing you want at 9am!

In all seriousness... it wasn't THAT bad. It was a great experience and I am really glad I did it (and even more glad Ross was there to hold my hand and make me do it). So what's next? How about a 10k in April?

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