Tuesday, April 12, 2011


It has been almost a month since my last post... It looks like my crazy busy life got the best of me again!

Things are going well here in Portland. The weather is TRYING to turn for the better. Yesterday I saw the sun ALL day... but the forecast is showing high 40s and low 50s and RAIN every day for the next week straight. Cross your fingers that I don't go insane! I have started taking lots of vitamins, predominately a daily dose of Vitamin D- I am hoping that if I can get a little bit of sun rays coming to me from my insides!

On another note... I am not sure if you have heard but I have found myself unexpectedly unemployed. The company I was working for closed last Monday... its a long story and probably not blog-appropriate, but the short version is that as of 4:00 last Monday we were told to pack our personal belongings and leave and now I am job hunting. If you want more details, give me a call. What this means... I am now a "stay at home mom" for Eisley and Henry and have taken on full responsibility of the cooking, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, and "child" care all the while JOB HUNTING! Ross is being wonderfully supportive and wants me to take this time to find a career I really like, and to fall in love with Portland. I am trying my best to look at the glass half-full and embracing this new "me time", but we all know I tend to stress and sometimes this side gets the best of me. Please say a little prayer that God opens a great new door to me, and that I open my eyes enough to see it!!! Who knows... maybe I will take this time to get back to work on my novel! :)

In an effort to end the post on a HAPPY note... wedding planning is still going GREAT!

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