Monday, April 18, 2011

You will remember from a previous post, that Portland's soccer team turned Major League this year. Well... this past Thursday was the season home opener! adidas treated all employees (and their guests!) to a pre-game party in downtown Portland. We had homemade black bean burgers, BBQ and sausages, pasta salad, green Timbers cookies, and Widmer beer. Unfortunately, it rained, and rained, and rained through the entire party, so by the time we got to the game we were soaked!! But, Portland won the game (it was sold out by the way), and we had a blast!

Ross and Jackson at the pre-game party. LOVE the adidas Timbers hoodies we all got!

Amelia and me (the guy behind me with the hoodie over his shoulders is the President of adidas North America. We were SO close!)

The Timbers game!

American Airlines is a big sponsor of the Timbers. Do you like my hat?

Cold and rainy... welcome to Portland!

After a great night Thursday, Amelia and I took a mini road trip to Vancouver, BC. I wish the weather would have a been a little warmer and less cloudy (the story of my life) but from what we could see through the clouds, Vancouver is a BEAUTIFUL city!

Oh and Papa... guess what!?! I met John Wayne!

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