Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The waiting game

Well, not too much is going on in Portland for me right now... I am still spending a large bit of every day job hunting, doing laundry, cleaning, and hanging out with the fur-kids. The weather is really improving, and we are thankfully seeing the sun on a more consistent basis! I am still crossing my fingers for warmer temperatures... so far we tend to hover in the 50's and 60's. This past Sunday was the first day that the temperature was expected to hit the 70degree mark, but since we spent most of the day outside (rather than inside watching the thermometer), we aren't sure if we hit the mark or not... honestly, it still felt a little chilly to me!

The job hunt is going well and I have gotten a lot of good feedback throughout the process. Ross and I have a really good feeling about a couple of the possibilities so we will see how those unfold! It is so hard to play the waiting game, just wondering when I will hear back, what they will say, and how many more "steps" there are in the process. Every time my phone dings (indicating I have a new email), I practically sprint across the apartment to see if it is in regards to a job... unfortunately most of the time it is just price alerts for airlines or coupons for home stores (which I also love as well).

On another note, we think we have found the place we are going to call home for the next year! We visited a house this past weekend, and although it is pretty small, it has everything we need and LOTS of storage space (perfect for bike stuff, Christmas decoration, and tons of suitcases!). There is even an awesome backyard with a brick fireplace for cook outs and yard parties! We should hear back sometime this week if our rental application has been approved and then we would be able to move in June 1 (of course, MORE waiting!!!).

Eisley and Henry say "hello" to you all! They get more and more spoiled every day... not that me being at home has ANYTHING to do with that! :)

Have a great Tuesday!

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