Thursday, June 9, 2011

(Insert clever title here)

It's a bird! It's a plane! Holy cannoli it's a new blog post!

Yes it is true ladies and gentleman, I am back in the game! Or as Randy from American Idol would say "Katie is IN IT TO WIN IT!" Ok, enough with silliness, on to bigger and better things...

So, since last time I wrote I got a new job (WOO HOO!), turned 24 (YIKES!), moved out of the suburbs (YIPPEEE!), and turned into a more legit Portlander (it's about TIME!).

Ross, Eisley, Henry, and I moved from the outlying suburbs to a cool little Portland neighborhood just north of downtown. Now we can walk and ride bikes to local restaurants, bars, and grocery stores. Ross can even walk to work! My commute has greatly decreased and tomorrow will be my first day that I ride my bike to work. That's right... I will be a bike commuter!

Portlanders are known for cruising around town in the wide bike lanes and Ross and I are glad that because of our new neighborhood we can now join the ranks of people who use bikes as their #1 means of transportation!

Now that we have internet set up at the new house, I promise to post much more frequently. Stay tuned for a new house update!

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