Friday, September 30, 2011

Last Thursday

Last night Ross and I attended Last Thursday, a street festival on Alberta Avenue that occurs, you guessed it, on the last Thursday of every month. Last Thursdays only go on during the summer months, which made last night, the Last Last Thursday of the year. So of course, the best of the year. When it comes to people watching, Portland never disappoints, and last night’s event was at the top of its prime. Local artists, vendors, and street performers crowded the street for about 10 blocks from 6pm until 10pm. It was a great time.

While we were taking in the sights, sounds, and smells, we decided to get a quick dinner at a Portland-favorite called Pine State Biscuits. We had egg and cheese biscuits made with local, organic ingredients. Delicious! And to top it off, the little restaurant was started by two North Carolina boys who grew up in Raleigh. When the cashier checked our IDs for our beer, she said “Hey! You’re family!” She wasn’t from NC herself, but since the restaurant was, she was happy to see us. It was a cool moment.

As many of you know, I have a love for hot sauce, especially Texas Pete, but for some reason my beloved brand isn’t too popular out here. Occasionally we will see it in the store as a “NEW ITEM!” but as a whole, Oregon is more into Tabasco Sauce and Frank’s Red Hot. But last night, the good ol’ NC boys had an entire shelf of Texas Pete for my enjoyment, and I of course had some with my biscuit. Along with a Pac NW brand of cheap beer… combining the best of both coasts!

As the festival started to settle down, we made one last stop at Salt and Straw, a food cart ice cream stand that was so popular, they recently opened a permanent store front (surprisingly, this is how most well-known Portland restaurants get their start). The flavors range from melon and prosciutto to chocolate ewy gooey brownie to sea salt with caramel ribbons, to IPA infused something. All are unique, and the nice ladies who work there always let you try all of the flavors before making your decision.

That’s a wrap. This weekend is Alpenrose, a huge cross race on the campus of a former dairy. Woo hoo!

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