Sunday, October 9, 2011


Remember the fairy tale of Cinderella, with the ball at the Royal Palace, and the carriage that turned to a pumpkin at midnight, and the prince on a white horse? Well... this isn't that story. But there are pumpkins. And dancing.

Ross and I have started taking ballroom dancing classes! As a birthday present, Ross got me a month's worth of ballroom dancing classes. They were intended to prepare us for the wedding, but amidst all of the planning and chaos, we did not have time to squeeze them in (hence why our first dance was so uncoordinated). But we have decided, that hey the weather is turning bad, why not spend every Friday night of October in a dance class? So we checked out the class schedule and signed up for Beginner's Samba. Oh man... what did we get ourselves into? Imagine Ross trying to put a Brazilian shimmy into EVERY step, and me fantasizing that we were Baby and Johnny from Dirty Dancing. Needless to say, I was consistently bobbing my head and Ross was consistently off beat. But we had a blast and are looking forward to our next class at Lenora's Ballroom.

Today turned out to be GORGEOUS weather, so we decided to spend as much of the day possible outside. Ross left for an early bike ride, with the plan that he would be back in 45 minutes to "pick me up" and then we would head out for a continuation of the ride together. Well Ross came back in 25 minutes. And he walked in the door and said "I may have done something bad." Oh geeze... you gotta love when a conversation starts that way. So I found out that Ross had stopped by a yard sale in one of the super nice neighborhoods near our house and had promised to buy a large loveseat/chair and a couch. We have a couch. And a chair. But it was "too good of a deal to pass up." So imagine Ross and I standing in our TINY living room trying to figure out WHERE IN THE HECK we were going to put an additional loveseat. (We have already decided the couch, which is also a queen sleeper sofa is going on Craigslist first thing tomorrow. We intend to make a profit). So we spent 10 minutes getting the chair through our front door, convinced Eisley not to freak out and bite the cushions, and stained it with door grease on our way through the storm door. Surprisingly I kept my calm as Ross continued to say "I'm an idiot" and walk around the house in a daze. Apparently he had just realized that we didn't need the couch and chair, despite how they were "too good of a deal to pass up." Long story short, our previous chair moved to a corner of the master bedroom (deemed my new reading nook) and the new loveseat has found a happy home in our re-arranged living room. And it is amazingly comfortable. And super cute. The GIANT couch is still living in the garage, and will stay there until a lucky someone responds to our post about an awesome For Sale Queen Sleeper Sofa. All in all, I don't think Ross did anything too bad. :)

Once we got all of the furniture shenanigans out of the way, we set out to enjoy a quick motorcycle ride and lunch date, followed by an evening at our favorite dog park. Eisley loved the ball time and running through the tall wheat grass.

And my husband was looking mighty handsome.

Oh yea, and I was there too.

And last but not least, here is a glimpse at our new "pet."

As you know, it is Pumpkin Patch time, but Ross and I were lucky enough to grow pumpkins in our amazonian garden this summer. We have two pumpkins (names are yet to be determined) and they are incredibly precious and quite large. One lives on our front stoop, and the other is a happy addition to our living room.

So maybe I don't have a fairy godmother, and maybe I didn't get to wear a crown, but I would say I am pretty close to living my own Happily Ever After.

The End!

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