Monday, October 17, 2011

A fall weekend

Friday night we went to the last home game of the Timbers season. After an adidas pre-game party, we walked over to the stadium led by a bagpipe troop in kilts… so fun. It ended up raining most of the night, and we lost (dang), but it was a blast. Here is a glimpse of the crowd. (The first guy shown is Ross’ coworker Robert, then Ross, then me for a split second).

Saturday the gorgeous weather set in and we ventured out on the motorcycle. We rode around Sauvie’s Island (where I did my half marathon a few months ago). I must say, a motorcycle ride around the island was MUCH better than a 13 mile run. We saw cows, sheep, one llama, wooly worms, pumpkin patches (and the hundreds of people at them), and a sign for homemade jam. We pulled down the drive way back through apple trees, cow pastures, and eventually berry vines (where we later learned she grows all the berries for the jam). A hand written sign said “Honk for Jam”, but because the motorcycle was so loud she heard us coming. Amy (as we later learned her name), grew all berries for her jam without chemicals or pesticides, just a little love. She was kind of weird (late 50s, attractive woman, with 2 huge Doberman Pinschers, and a cat who killed a mouse while we were there). She also told us a story about how that same cat mauled a baby bird, and she prayed over it, and it flew away. A true miracle she said. I stood there in shock and Ross quickly changed the subject. It may be the natural course, but I don’t love hearing stories of baby animals getting attacked. Anyway, we haven’t tried the jam yet, but we did leave with 2 jars- Raspberry and Strawberry- preserved in mason jars. We didn’t carry enough cash with us to pay for it, so she asked us to mail her a check. She happily wrote down her address and didn’t think twice that perhaps we wouldn’t pay her back. I of course, popped a check for $6.00 in the mail today.

I have decided my goal is to work part time and have a little farm... a few chickens, a cow or 2, a couple of dogs, a barn cat, and maybe a couple of goats for Eisley to chase. I would work part time at a University and take care of my farm part time, selling my homemade jams, fresh local eggs, and raw milk. I can dream, right Ross?

Sunday was another beautiful day, and Ross had a cross race at Portland International Raceway. I sat on a cooler chair under the team tent and drank a cold beer while he zoomed around on his bike. Here he is going over one of the barriers. (The one in black and lime green. Number 56)

I heard President Obama was in Boone and Wilkes today. Did anyone go see him?

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