Thursday, October 20, 2011

Smashing Pumpkins (the activity, not the band)

Monday night we went to an Octoberfest event at a local brewery. They had dozens of pumpkin brews on tap, various pumpkin-themed snacks, and even two kegs pumping through giant pumpkins. It was a bit of a pumpkin overload. In the outside beer garden, there was an outdoor Pumpkin Bowling Lane set up. You had to roll a medium-sized pumpkin down the “lane” (2 lines drawn with chalk) and knock over 2 liter coke bottles that were half way full (so they would have some weight to them). Ross was pretty much a champ.


In the far corner of the bar was a Pumpkin Graveyard with tons of squashed pumpkins, guts, and seeds everywhere. I stepped right up to the plate and annihilated a pumpkin with a mallet hammer.

Don't worry, these weren't the pumpkins we raised in our garden! Well….. it took me three tries (they were slippery guys!)

Then we had a pumpkin seed spitting contest (yes, the same seeds we picked up off the ground from the Pumpkin Graveyard….EWW!) I lost, miserably. I guess my lady-like manners kicked in and I realized I didn’t know how to spit. Dang. A guy wearing a camouflage Clemson hat won…. Representing the south!

Stay tuned for more Halloween fun to come!

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