Thursday, November 3, 2011

All Natural

Over the past couple of years I have greatly increased my efforts to live a more natural life style. I became a vegetarian. I buy local/organic food when possible. Ross and I are moving away from processed foods (more homemade bread!). And most recently, I am moving to more natural beauty products, including make up, shampoo, soap, and deoderant. Of course this isn't an immediate transformation - I am using up all of my current products, and as I run out, I replace them with a greener alternative. I recently got new shampoo and conditioner (Yes to Cucumbers is the brand) and after 3 uses, I can tell a huge difference in how my hair feels... it must be the organic fruits and veggies!

Along the same lines, I have decided it is time that I take a break from coloring my hair. For as long as I can remember (probably since middle school), I have been getting highlights to make me a blonde. (I needed an excuse for my air-headed actions! And hey, they say blondes have more fun!) I made a drastic change 2 years ago and dyed my hair super dark brown (big mistake), but besides those 2 months, I have always been a blonde. It's time to let my natural color shine through!

While my hair looks great blonde (sorry, that sounded a bit vain), I have realized there are some definite cons to highlights. First off all, there is the maintenance. Because my hair is so long, and grows so fast, I need to get highlights about every 8 - 10 weeks to keep it looking fresh, and every time I go, it's around $150 (big city prices!). With 52 weeks in a year, that's 7 visits per year, or a total of over $1050 for highlights! That amount doesn't include the extra shampoo I have to buy for color treated hair, which is usually a bit more expensive than every day shampoo for normal hair.

So time and money aside, there are the negative consequences on the environment and my hair's health. Even if using eco friendly highlighting chemicals, highlights still require a chemical (re: not natural). So by not getting highlights, I am eliminating the need for one more chemical treatment... which in turn is healthier for the earth. Doctors often recommend that pregnant women not get their hair colored... why? Because it's not good for you. It's a chemical. On your head. That seeps into your hair folicles. And permanently dyes your hair. Ummm.... yea that doesn't sound too healthy. Not to mention, I have felt my hair getting tangled and knotted a long lately, and not because I have been whipping my head around with crazy awesome dance moves... nope not this time! It's because the ends of my hair are damaged from too much coloring.

So tomorrow is the big day. I am going to the hair salon to have my hair dyed (one last time) to a light brown... my natural color.... so that my hair can grow out and fade back to it's natural, light brown, kinda mousy, not that cute, but healthy color. I'm a bit nervous - wish me luck!

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