Wednesday, November 9, 2011


A bit late, but here is a picture of the new hair! Woo Hoo!

It’s probably going to fade a little bit, so I may have to color it one more time to maintain the darkness until it grows out, but we will see. I am hoping I am finally done coloring my hair for a while! The salon I went to was really neat – it was in a little bungalow house and all of the furnishings were vintage converted for a new salon purpose. To top it off, all of the products the salon uses and recommends are a premium line from Italy that contain all natural ingredients and biodegradable packaging. Some packaging is even considered “food safe” which means that after I use up the product I can rinse it out and use the container for storage. How neat is that?! I decided to buy some of their conditioner to alternate in with the Yes to Cucumbers brand I previously mentioned. While the Yes to Cucumbers is mostly natural, it isn’t quite as high quality as the premium Italian line I found at the salon, so for color treated hair it is best to use both to keep the color alive. So just for now, I will be using both.

Yesterday was a long and frustrating day at work, so to shed some of the frustration (and the few extra calories I have been consuming daily by way of Halloween candy), Ross and I went for a bike ride after work. Keep in mind, it gets dark here at 4:45, so by the time I got home after 6, it was pitch black. And drizzling. But Ross convinced me it would be fun, so we bundled up and pedaled downtown for a tour around the waterfront park. Here are a few pictures:

(The cityscape.... a bit blurry from the drizzle)

(I decided to wear my warmest and BRIGHTEST colors to stay toasty and visible. I look like I am still wearing my clown costume from Halloween)

(Sweet headlamp Dude!)

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