Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Don't Forget Your Sleeping Bag

Friday night was the Jack’s Mannequin concert. It was nothing short of amazing and Ross says he has “a new appreciation” for my favorite band. Woo hoo!

Saturday morning we woke up before the sun (6am on a Saturday just doesn’t seem right), and packed up tents, costumes, and bikes and set out for Bend.

There was a 3 day bike festival in Bend - a smaller town in central Oregon. It is BEAUTIFUL there and it was a nice to see mountains and fall leaves. Ross had an intense and very dusty race.

And Eisley sported her pumpkin t-shirt and got a lot of compliments.

Not long after we got to Bend we realized that we (cough cough Ross) forgot our sleeping bags. The low for the night was expected to be 27degrees, so we went to the store and bought a cheap sleeping bag to hold us over through the night. We set up camp around the race course and settled in for the night.

Later that night there was a costume bike race and a Halloween warehouse party. Ross dressed up Steven Tyler (Aerosmith)…

… and I was a CLOWN! (Not the best pictures... they were taken on my cell phone).

In other news… Henry now takes showers in the kitchen sink.

And we didn't get a SINGLE trick or treater. Dang.

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