Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Eisley and Henry

We have been working with Eisley to stay off of the couch. She is starting to shed really bad and leaves a trail of black and grey fuzz everywhere she sits. I find myself "swiffering" the couch every day just to keep up with her fur balls. While we are becoming pretty successful at keeping her off when we are at home, we come in from work every day to see the cushions flopped down and hair everywhere. It's her favorite place to nap and watch the world go by while we are away.

Henry's favorite spot to hang out is on the back of the chair, cuddled down in the cushion and blanket. Especially if Ross is sitting in the chair. He doesn't shed too bad, so it's really not too much of an issue. Plus, have you ever tried teaching a cat to sit? It doesn't work.

So last night Henry and Ross were in their usual spot in the chair while I was cleaning up from dinner. I look into the living room and see Eisley trying to sneak up on the couch. I told her to get on her bed (which we have in the living room)and she defeatedly climbed down. Right when I turned around we heard a loud "thump" as Eisley leaped 3 feet in the air and landed on the back of our chair. Like Henry.

I thought we had a dog, but do we have two cats??

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