Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Over the weekend Ross and I both had a pretty rough cold, so we spent most of the time relaxing and taking medicine. On Sunday we said goodbye to the last of the beautiful Fall weather. Sunday was cold (in the 40’s and low 50’s) but the sun was shining. Eisley and I went on a walk to look at the pretty fall leaves and Ross went on a nice long bike ride. Monday morning we woke up to rain.

Today is what the meteorologist called a “soaker day.” I didn’t quite understand what that meant until I was on my morning 10 block walk from my car to the office. I was wearing rain boots, a rain jacket, and an umbrella, yet somehow I still managed to be (yes you guessed it!) soaked when I got to work. There were puddles almost knee high that I had to maneuver my way around. There were rain bursts that came tearing down sideways. And of course the wind that threatened to turn my umbrella inside out and rip it from my hands. Every two steps of my walk to work I thought to myself, “why would someone CHOOSE to live somewhere like this?!?!” Needless to say, I wasn’t in the best of moods when I got to work this morning. (And yes I am completely aware that I in fact did choose to live here. Most days, it’s not so bad.)

So what are your big plans for Thanksgiving? Ross and I are planning to take it a bit calm (big surprise there!). We are planning a big breakfast, just the four of us (yes, I did just include the two fur kids in our headcount) followed by a relaxing day of cooking and hanging out at home. We have plans to spend Thanksgiving dinner at two different houses (appetizers and early dinner with one and later dinner and dessert with another). I think I am going to make Carrot and Cream Cheese cupcakes for one our contributions, but I am not sure what else quite yet. I will let you know what we decide!

We both have Friday off as well, so I think we are planning to go see a movie this weekend (the fourth Twilight movie… YAY!!!!!!!!). I have been very careful not to skip Thanksgiving this year by jumping into the Christmas spirit, but you had better believe that the second the clock strikes midnight on Friday morning, it is official Christmas season! Saturday I have plans to put up all of our decoration and even wrap a few presents (ok, so I didn’t skip Thanksgiving, but I did take advantage of some good deals to take care of some early shopping!)

And so you can see what the kids have been up to, here is a glimpse at their day to day activities:

(Henry sniffing the fresh baked goods)

Upon closer inspection, he was in fact licking the baked goods)

(His and hers sides of the bed)

Have a great Tuesday!

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