Friday, December 2, 2011

Trophy Wife

I got this coffee mug as a gift from one of my roommates in college. We were both single at the time and laughed about the possibility of husbands and being trophy wives.

As you can tell, it is quite a giant coffee mug, so I decided to use it as a temporary winter home for our orchid plant. (Who desperately needs a new pot by the way. I will add that to my list of projects.) I came home one night this week to a little bit of an alteration to my coffee mug.

Isn’t my husband the cutest?!

After a very busy week, we are planning to stay in tonight and decorate our tree, watch a movie, and cuddle up with the fur kids by the fire. We may even wrap some presents!!!! I will keep you updated on the progress as our home turns into Christmas village!

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