Monday, November 7, 2011

What Daylight Savings Means to Me

1. I got an extra hour of sleep on Sunday.
2. I experienced a very rare phenomenon today - I wasn’t miserable when I woke up on a Monday morning.
3. At 5:30 last night I was ready for bed. Why? Because it was pitch black dark outside.
4. The sun now sets at 4:45 in the afternoon (because it isn’t “evening” until 5pm in my book)
5. At 11am this morning I was ready to eat my arm. I had lunch at 11:40 because I couldn’t wait any longer. It is now 3:15. Is it dinner time yet?

In case you were wondering, the rain IS in fact here. 10 day forecast for Portland:

(At least there are a couple of sunshine days on there!)

And, yes, I really like my new hair color. I will post a picture tomorrow!

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