Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Whispers the Elf

Growing up I was always a huge fan of Christmas. Every year we HAD to get our Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving. That tree had to have LOTS of lights. And then we had to put DOZENS of ornaments up and I remember commenting on each one as it found it’s place on the tree. I would say how much I love the handmade ornaments made by my great grandmother which are now a cherished addition to my collection. I would comment on where I got a certain ornament or why I was putting it where I was. And of course I would mention my favorite childhood ornament… my 101 Dalmations ornament that Whispers brought me when I was 7 years old (approximately).

Whispers the Elf is a tradition in my family. Every year for as long as I can remember, Whispers brought Joseph and I our first gift of Christmas the night that our Christmas tree went up. We would find our little present in our stockings, or under the tree, or even on the porch of our babysitter’s house when we were away from home during his visit. Whispers followed us from Georgia to Greensboro to Wilkesboro. Whispers followed me to college when I put up decoration in my dorm room or apartments. And of course, Whispers followed me to Portland. And this year, his timing was impeccable.

As tradition follows, Whispers arrived in Wilkesboro to deliver my present the night that the Christmas tree went up in my mom’s house. But when he found out I wasn’t there, he had the kind mail man forward my present to Portland. And as expected, the present arrived to Portland the night we bought our tree and showed up for delivery the next morning. Talk about good timing!

This year, thanks to Whispers, the Bowden family will be sporting epically amazing Christmas pajamas throughout the holidays…

… As long as I convince Eisley that the reindeer footies are not moving play things for her!

P.S. Thanks Mom!

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