Tuesday, January 3, 2012

12 Things to do in 2012

We had a wonderful trip to NC but I definitely cannot call it a “vacation.” Between two 12-hour plane days, over 11 hours of car travel, four Christmas celebrations, handfuls of delicious meals, and lots of wonderful visits with family and friends, we stayed super busy every minute we were home. Thank you to each and every one of you for making our week hectic (in a good way) and jam-packed full of fun!

We got home at 11pm last night and it was back to the grind first thing this morning, each of us heading to work bright and early before the sun came up (which isn’t hard to do in a city where the sun doesn’t come out at all on most days!). Today we are playing catch up at the office and plowing through our never-ending email inboxes. In case this week isn’t busy enough, I am getting back in the air tomorrow, heading to Las Vegas for a work trade show until Friday night. You may remember my trip last January when I vowed I would never go back to Vegas again. Well, the industry calls and as a good employee I listen, and I plan to quickly unpack and repack my suitcase this evening for the trip. I am sure the sights, sounds, smells, meals, and people of Vegas will give me plenty of entertaining posts to come.

As we celebrate a close to 2011 and welcome a new year, I want to share with you my goals for 2012. I don’t want to call them resolutions because most of them are not things that can be crossed off, but rather goals I hope to work towards and accomplish, starting in this year and continuing into the future. Except maybe the first one.

1. Run my second half marathon. This time, with Mom. (Go to http://www.halfmarathons.net/usa_half_marathons.html and help us choose which one to do. Want to cheer us on? Tell me which ones you can attend and we will try to make it work!)
2. Ride my bike to work at least one day every week.
3. Start focusing on my novel and actually get words on the page.
4. Make a real effort to cook a new recipe every week. Bonus points if all ingredients are within a 400 mile radius of Portland (deeming it “local”)
5. Make a budget, planning for the future, and stick to it.
6. Figure out which candidate I am going to vote for in the upcoming presidential election and WHY I chose them.
7. Visit somewhere I have never been. Work trips do not count.
8. Stop living to work. Start working to LIVE!
9. Call a friend on the phone or skype at least once a week.
10. Make one new friend.
11. Volunteer once a month.
12. Fall more in love with my hubby and nurture our growing relationship.

Feel free to hold me accountable and ask how these things are going! And once we get the race on the calendar, feel free to ask Mom how her running training is going too!

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