Thursday, January 12, 2012

Goal #2: Ride my bike to work

I rode my bike to work today… you know, part of those lovely New Year’s Goals. The low for the day was 25degrees, so it was probably around 32degrees when I left my house at 7:48 and wasn’t a whole lot warmer when I pulled up to my office door at 8:04. I wore 2 jackets, 1 pair of shorts, 1 pair of fleece lined pants, gloves, wool socks, and a hat, and thankfully the only thing that was cold was everything that was exposed to the air. So… my face. And my toes and fingers probably would have liked to have a second layer of warmth, but I can’t complain too much.

On my way down the big hill on Greeley (you know, the MONSTER hill I have to climb on my way home from work), I realized that Ross’ gloves were a bit too big which slightly inhibited by ability to change gears. And use my brakes. Thankfully, I pretended I was Ross and coasted down the hill like a pro, no brakes needed. When it was time to change to an easier gear to get up the next little hill, my fingers got stuck between the brakes and the gear shifter. I flailed my little sausage/pig in a blanket/pastry-puff feeling fingers around until I got them free. By the time I reached the Broadway Bridge I was sweating and shivering.

But the view was amazing. The sun reflected off the river and the windows of the high-rise buildings. A freight train crept along beside me (I was FASTER!) giving a nostalgic feel to the morning. I could smell the hops from Widmer Brewery.

I coasted down the back side of the bridge and into the Pearl District. Up a few blocks to my office and checked the time. From door to door, it was a 16 minute commute. When I drive, park, and walk to work, it is about 25 minutes. When I stuffed my gloves in my pockets on the way up the office stairs (carrying my bike on one shoulder and my back pack on the other), I found $14 in cash. I have no idea where that $14 came from, but I am not complaining. Not only did I save time and gas riding to work, I also MADE money.

I need to start biking more often.

P.S. Portland is having a very off winter this year… which means very cold and surprisingly dry. While you East Coasters are getting pounded with rain, we have had a fairly dry season. But don’t worry, it is supposed to rain all weekend… and next week.

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