Monday, January 30, 2012

Jelly Head

Alright everyone, let’s start a rally chant:

Kelly’s! Jelly! Kelly’s! Jelly!

Today a giant box of Kelly’s Jelly arrived at the Canary office. 12 jars of melt in your mouth, heaven-infused, deliciousness. Kelly walked in as a celebrity in our office… we could not have been more thrilled if the ghost of Elvis Presley graced us with his presence, swinging hips and all. Well, maybe the swinging hips would have been exciting (remember that next time Kelly!).

To make the day even better, Kelly brought along a fun-pack of ecstasy, a few mini jars of Habanero Jelly that she said I could “keep in my purse or at the office.” Also included were a couple of samples of her Pine-A-Pino Jelly…. Pineapple and Jalapeno. It is as if she reached into the far crevasses of my jelly-delusioned mind and brought forth the inner wishes of my heart. Pineapple. Jalapeno. Kelly’s Jelly. Apparently, Kelly is trying to fuel my addiction. Someone should report her. (Just kidding, she’s very nice.)

So now that I have a case of Kelly’s Jelly, along with super cute mini jars of Kelly’s Jelly to inject into my system (you know, for just whenever), I can now work myself into a sweet and spicy coma and life can going on ticking by with a slow chant of “Kelly’s! Jelly! Kelly’s! Jelly!” intertwined in my thoughts following me throughout my day.

If I go missing, check under my desk at work. I will probably have turned into a drooling, shaking, pepper-crazed Jelly Head.

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