Friday, January 27, 2012

My Love Affair with Kelly's Jelly

For a wedding gift one of my coworkers gave me a nice bottle of wine and a jar of Kelly’s Jelly- a delicious sweet and spicy habanero jelly made just minutes from downtown Portland in a little suburb named Lake Oswego. Kelly’s Jelly is made in numbered batches in a residential kitchen, and is hand delivered free of charge by, you guessed it, Kelly herself.

Kelly’s Jelly is nothing less than a delicious, heaven-sent concoction. I wouldn’t be surprised it was infused with angel’s kisses, summer sun rays, and a hint of crack cocaine. Because honestly, I’m addicted.

I eat Kelly’s Jelly on everything. Grilled cheese sandwiches with Kelly’s Jelly. Toast with Kelly’s Jelly. Crackers and cheese with Kelly’s Jelly. Tofurkey (“turkey” made from tofu) sandwiches with Kelly’s Jelly. Bagels and cream cheese with Kelly’s Jelly. It has gotten to the point where every time I eat I think, hmmm I bet this would be better with Kelly’s Jelly.

We ran out of Kelly’s Jelly Wednesday night. We had grilled cheese sandwiches (with Kelly’s Jelly) and finished off our jar. We didn’t have a replacement jar. No back-up plan. Nothing to eat in substitute of Kelly’s Jelly… because there is only one sweet and spicy nectar from heaven. Kelly’s Jelly. And we are out.

So yesterday I placed an online order. I ordered 12 jars (don’t worry, a majority of them were for coworkers in my office who also love Kelly’s Jelly. But no, none are as obsessed as the Bowdens). Our total was $64.80. I wrote a check and right before I stuffed it in the envelope and licked the yucky sticky strip, I added a quick thank you note… just a simple THANK YOU! on a sticky note, but I think Kelly will understand that by my brief “thank you” I really mean “Thank you for creating the most delicious life-sustaining condiment in the world- I would eat it with a spoon if I knew my husband wouldn’t think I was a freak… well more of a freak.”

I am waiting in anticipation. Kelly should be here any day now.

(Oh and if you want to buy some, Kelly will ship it to you if you don't live in Portland. Do it. Your life will be forever changed.

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