Wednesday, January 11, 2012

That's a lot of T-shirts

People do weird things in Vegas. They sit for hours putting quarters in a machine just to watch rows of lights brighten up. They eat $65 slabs of meat (I can assure you I didn’t do this). They pay $10.00 for a beer (I may have done this). People strip, watch people strip, sing and dance, watch people sing and dance, gamble, flirt, and make memories that will hopefully stay in Vegas.

While I was in Vegas I witness something pretty profound- I watched a world record being set. For something very UN-Vegas. No stripping, no drinking or gambling. Actually for putting ON clothes rather than taking them off. At my industry-wide trade show a South Carolina man set the world record for most number of t-shirts worn at once (249 shirts!). That equals over 200 pounds of cotton. Geeze!

Other than that, Vegas was not too crazy. I saw cool products at our trade show, made some new connections with industry vendors, had dinner at some very expensive restaurants, and lost ONE WHOLE DOLLAR on the slot machines. It took about 5 seconds. Seriously. I put in a dollar, pulled the trigger and walked off, $1 poorer.

We are now back to the grind at work and enjoying getting back into a schedule. Ross, Eisley and I have been running a little bit in the evenings and I am planning to ride my bike to work tomorrow. So far, the New Year’s Resolutions are off to a steady start!

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