Friday, January 20, 2012

To Cali and Back

I traveled to San Francisco for work this week, leaving early Tuesday morning and landing back in Portland late Wednesday afternoon. It was a quick 36 hours in California, and my first trip to the Golden State. Although I have traveled to (or at least through) a large majority of states, California was not on my radar until this week- and I loved it! Sunshine, cool breeze, views of the Pacific ocean and mountains at the same time… I could be a California girl! (If the cost of living was not atrociously high, and it was not such a materialistic culture… ok maybe I’m not cut out for California.)

Because the trip was so short I really didn’t get to see that much of San Francisco. When we flew into the city I was on the “wrong side” of the plane to see the city scape, Golden Gate Bridge, and Alcatraz. I stayed in meetings and trade shows for the vast majority of my time in downtown, and then scooted out to the East Bay area to spend Tuesday night and work in our headquarters office on Wednesday morning. Ross and I are hoping to plan a California road trip for some time in late Spring or early Summer and if all works out according to plan, I will get to see more of the city then!

Confession: I didn’t ride my bike to work this week. Monday morning it was snowing, I was in California Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday was a torrential downpour, and today, well, I just didn’t feel like it. I promise that the next week there are multiple pretty days I will catch up on lost commuter days!

Look what I came home to last night:

I was feeling as bit under the weather, and my sweet hubby created the night’s menu and fixed me dinner while I got to relax.

Our weekend plans include a date night tonight, followed by running errands and doing TONS of laundry on Saturday and Sunday. Catch ya later!

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