Thursday, February 23, 2012

I'm Still Here

I am still here... just haven't thought of too many witty things to post to keep you entertained. Although, I have been working on my New Years "goals." Here is a 2 month update:

1. So far my half marathon training is going well. I am up to almost 6 straight miles running, and I am hitting the pavement about 5 days a week.
2. I am riding my bike to work about 1 day a week, sometimes more and sometimes less (depending on the rain). I rode today actually!
3. I spend several hours a week focusing on my novel and yes, I have actually gotten words on the page. I have been spending quite a good bit of my weekend mornings in the window seat of our neighborhood coffee shop (which I can see from my kitchen).
4. So the cooking thing... that's not going so well. Mainly, because Ross cooks and I eat. And I love him for it. But we did have a delicious, local, yegan dinner last night. YAY!
5. Our budget is set, now it's just a matter of sticking to it.
6. I still haven't figured out who to vote for this year for President. Maybe I will write in a name. Oprah?
7. Visit somewhere I have never been... I'm still working on that one too.
8. Stop living to work and start working to live... If I didn't spend 70% of my waking hours on my phone this one would be a lot easier.
9. Call a friend on the phone or skype at least once a week. (I am a bad friend. End of discussion)
10. Make one new friend. (Will you be my friend?)
11. Volunteer once a month.(AHHH! So I haven't done this one either)
12. Fall more in love with my hubby and nurture our growing relationship. (Now THIS one I do every DAY!)

So there you have it.... in some areas I am succeeding, and others I am failing miserably. But hey, I had high goals, right?

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