Monday, February 13, 2012


We had a very busy, but wonderful weekend. Friday night we went out to eat at my new favorite restaurant in Portland- called Montage. It is dark and crowded, located underneath a bridge. You share tables with strangers, read your menu by candle-light, and eat the world's best Spold Mac and Cheese (amazing). The food was fast, spicy, and delicious. And left overs? Well they come wrapped in custom-shaped aluminum foil. I got a squirrel.

After dinner we went to The One Motorcycle Show. We got to walk around a neat warehouse space with cheap beer in cans and look at old motorcycles that had been re-furbished. Ross was in heaven. He took some really great pictures- I will post them once he spends some time editing!

Saturday we had pretty nice weather, so I went for a long run in Forest Park with my friend Janie while Ross rode his bike.

After running (and scrubing the mud off of my legs) I spent some time stripping paint for my desk project. Before:

In between layers, I gave a face lift to some old frames. I painted them yellow and brown a while back (when we lived in the apartment), but I haven't been happy with them. I don't know if it was my color choice or that the paint was too opaque, but I have never really used them because I couldn't find a place where they looked right. Before:

So, like any good antique-loving, vintage-craving, country girl at heart would do, I sanded-them, and roughed up the edges to give them an old and used feel. I love the light wood/white accents that the sanding created and I am MUCH happier with them now. They two have a home in our living room as a splash of color on a dark book case. I have two more that need some TLC and then I may make cork boards out of them.

After church on Sunday I spent practically all day sanding paint off of my desk. The person who owned it before me applied about 4 layers of brown stain and at least that many coats of white paint, which means I spent all morning scrubbing 80grain sand paper by hand. I then followed up with my electric sander. And let's be honest it took all day. I am sure my neighbors loved hearing my sander roar all day, with short breaks for me to stop and yell at Eisley (she was digging a hole to China). I have decided I need to buy a year's supply of sand paper to keep myself busy (great gift idea folks! I use the sand paper for the Black and Decker Mouse and I love 120grit!)

Here is a glimpse of my progress... I can't give too much away until the final product!

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