Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Recap (two weekends ago)

Over the past couple of weekends we have been very good about getting out and enjoying everything Portland has to offer. On Friday the 27th we got to take Canary’s season tickets to see the Portland Trailblazers. We have amazing seats (only 8 rows back) and we were sitting around several of the Blazer’s girlfriends. (You could tell they were girlfriends because they were dressed like they were going out to a club and kept talking about how this player or that player was making a weird face or had a bad attitude in between their constant text messages.)

Blazers won! And streamers fell out of the sky!

And I was excited!

Last Saturday we bundled up and trekked up to Mount Hood with some friends to go snowshoeing. The snow was great (a base of about 100 inches) with a clear blue sky and visibility for miles. We all had a blast, especially Eisley. She was the fastest of the group, and she didn’t even have snowshoes on! Here are a few of the great shots Ross captured up on the mountain.

On the way home we stopped by a local produce stand that was based off of the Honor System, meaning, they had a sign with the prices listed and they expected you to leave the cash in a lock box. (Talk about trust!) The only “person” keeping us honest was the Manager on Duty (a cat). Don’t worry, we paid our fair share!

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