Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring has Sprung

Everyone knows the saying "April showers bring May flowers," but in Portland it goes more along the lines of "Rain October through June make LOTS of things grow." While the rain is very annoying and depressing at times, it provides a great environment for beautiful things to grow. In our yard, we have two scraggly little trees (scraggly because of the type, not because of lack of love), roses, tulips, day-lilies, irises, and of course, green, green, grass that grows all around, all around (just like the poem!).

Although we saw flurries at our house this week, and the neighborhoods on the hills got several inches of snow, spring has sprung and the flowers are blooming. Unfortunately, between the beating of the pouring rain and Eisley's careless footing, our flowers tend to have a short life span once they have bloomed. So this year, I have decided that as soon as they fall over (from rain and top-heavy weight) I will run out and clip them before Eisley can stomp on them. Which means I get to enjoy them outside AND inside!

And of course, Happy March Madness everyone! Let's go Heels! (Note my choice of sweater color for today)

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