Monday, May 7, 2012

Epic Road Trip Awesomeness

Last glimpse of Portland
Goodbye Oregon!

Helloooooooo Sunny California!

Handsome boy, pretty girl. Driving down scenic Hwy 101

Viewpoint off of Hwy 101

First camp spot: Redwood National Forest. Eisley rolled in elk poo the second we got out of the car.  Ross forced her into the shower and gave her a bath. 


Tall, tall trees.

Winery in Sonoma Valley

Flowers and vines

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco


City view

Wild Katie in Flagstaff Arizona

Colorado River, Grand Canyon

Southern Rim, Grand Canyon
Moab, Utah: our favorite stop
Camp site in Moab, Utah
Crushin' it on Slick Rock in Moab, Utah
Snow-topped mountains near Vail, Colorado

Fort Collins, Colorado

Someone needs to floss

In the 2 days without very many pictures we drove through Kansas (BORING!), Missouri (BORING), and Tennessee (BORING)!

We are BACK!

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  1. love your post, great pictures. So glad you and Ross are home. love you mom