Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A little before and after

The last 2 weeks have been full of unpacking boxes, arranging furniture, and finding homes for all of Ross' shoes (which are still in a big box in the third bedroom), but we are finally down to the "hanging things on the wall" phase which is a very good thing.  Having things on the walls makes the little apartment feel more like home and adds a splash of color among all of the white walls, tan sofas, and light hardwood floors and linoleum.

However, as I am finding more and more free time in between work emails as the stacks of boxes become fewer and the trips to the recycling center become more frequent, I have felt the need for a project.  You know me, always need to be fixing something up!  All of my "do it yourself" projects are proudly displayed in our new apartment, and there is NO room for any more furniture, so I am starting to get creative on what I can fix up and add a little pizazz to. 

Take for instance this AWESOME print Courtney (Ross' older sister) gave us for Christmas.  She found this little piece of art on Etsy and knew we needed to have it in our home (especially after the "Ross loves to ride his Bicycle" remake the Bowden sisters performed at the rehearsal dinner).  We love the print, but we never found the perfect home for it.

Because the print had a white mat backing, against a white wall it tended to get lost and didn't have the wow factor that we wanted. So.... I added four different colors of backing around the print, giving it a punch of color.  The white border around the print makes it really stand out among the colors, and the off-center blocking and straight lines gives it a funky retro look that I think matches the font in the print really well.  

Minus the glare from my camera flash, what do you think? I am pretty excited about it.

However, that project was way to short lived. Now what?


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