Monday, July 9, 2012

I hate snakes and other fun

Eisley is just about back to 100%. She can put full weight on her foot and has no problem tugging me around the yard again.  She had a visit this past week from her Nana and Grand-Nana, who brought her a ball and frisbee, and of course, a stuffed animal snake to "kill." As you know, Eisley LOVES to destroy stuffed animals, so my mom (Eisley's Nana) brought her a snake so she could take out her aggression on the animal that caused her pain. So far, she has only eaten the snakes eyeball, but we believe she has decided to torture the snake with a slow painful death.

As you can see, Eisley still has the "cone of shame." While she is no longer in pain, the foot is not healed so we have to keep her from constantly licking the raw skin. She is still on antibiotics but is managing just fine. She is back to her annoying but loving self!

In other news, our apartment complex finally came by and mowed down the overgrown monkey grass this weekend, so we have a nice open area around our front patio.  I am thinking I may need to get some new large potted plants!

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  1. Eisley looks so precious with her ball and snake. When her nana comes for birthday night, she probably needs another present!