Friday, September 7, 2012

Big Packs of Stuff

Last night we spent a couple of  hours cramming all of this:
Minus the dog of course...

Into these:
Ooooo! Fancy new packs!

Why you ask? Because we are going backpacking of course! Even Eisley has a tiny pack for her food! (Which by the way she HATES wearing and when we put it on her she REFUSES to move. She just stands and looks at you like you are making her stand in a thunderstorm, while stabbing her with a million needles, and eating her favorite foods and not sharing with her all at the same time. It's a pretty pathetic face.)

Anyway, we are heading out from work a bit early today (woot woot!) and heading up to Virginia to camp in Grayson Highlands Park. There are wild ponies there... Guess who is excited about that?!?!? 

This is the food we will be eating..... dehydrogenated noodles, packaged salmon, trail mix, and a giant "juice box" of wine. Yeeeehawww!
Be jealous.

As our packs already weigh waaaay to much and my knee is still hurt from my epic bike crash, we decided to avoid the extra weight of Ross' professional camera and we will just be using our crappy cameras on our phones. Hopefully I will have some good pictures for you Sunday evening/Monday!

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  1. This is the third time I have tried to post!!!
    I thnk your camping weekend topped off pretty good...a fun night in Boone...sleeping in your comfy bed at your mom's, followed by a most delicious breakfast!!