Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Happy! Anniversary!

1 year ago today we were leaving NC as Mr. and Mrs., headed back to Portland before our honeymoon in Hawaii.  This past weekend we spent a wonderful 3 days relaxing and having fun, celebrating our wonderful past year. Here is a quick run down of the weekend's adventures.

We had plans of going backpacking all weekend, but our trip was rained out due to the hurricane creeping its way up the eastern part of the country, so instead Friday night we walked around REI and shopped for our future camping trip (hopefully will be this weekend), followed by sushi at our favorite Chapel Hill spot. Here is Ross, loving the fact that I was taking his picture.

Shortly after this I stuck my head in the statue's mouth and asked Ross to take a picture, but it came out blurry... probably because he was so embarrassed by my behavior that he took it too fast.

Saturday morning we went to Ross' grandparents' lake house at Hyco Lake. Lots of fun hanging out with Ross' family and soaking up the sun.

Saturday night was filled with homemade pizza, cheap champagne, and a carrot cake cupcake, reminiscent of our wedding day (the carrot cake part, not the pizza or cheap champagne).

Sunday morning we got up for a mega work out (to burn off previous-stated calories). Ross has me training for a 36 mile charity bike ride in Harrisonburg, VA that is in 2 weeks (i.e. lots of hills and lots of miles to ride).  8 miles into Saturday's training ride, I tried to mimic Ross and cross my hands over my handle bars. Do you know what happens when you try to be as cool as Ross? You fail. I went ker-SPLAT on the pavement and fumbled away with two skinned hands, a bruised hip, and a swollen knee. But, being the beast I am, I decided to slowly pedal home the 8 miles, sniffling and bleeding the whole way.

After a lot of neosporin and several bandaids, we headed to Raleigh to see the AKC dog show and walk around the flea market. We then had milkshakes and french fries (that sounds healthy right?) before heading back to Chapel Hill to hang out at our favorite restaurant patio spot for a cold beverage.
I really want this patio... with the cow statue.

Eisley joined us.

Monday (THE anniversary day!) I woke up to homemade hash-browns, scrambled eggs, coffee, and OJ. It turns out my delicious anniversary breakfast was a bribe to get me back on the bicycle for the training ride I didn't accomplish the day before (I had an excuse, though right?!). I wrapped my hands in 4 layers of gauze, added gloves, took 2 ibuprofen for the pain in my knee and we pedaled out. Ross' dad went with us, and we completed 31 miles. I was proud of myself, especially with my injuries!

The rest of Monday was spent cleaning and doing laundry (not very fun), before we went to Lowe's and "adopted" 3 dying orchid plants off of the clearance rack. With original price tags ranging from $19 - $30 we got 3 orchid plants on the major cheap, one for $3, one for $5, and one for $8.  They are now scattered around our kitchen waiting for some TLC.

That's a wrap on the weekend! Happy Anniversary to us!

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